30 December 2014

FSIV 63 pax abt 28 kn speed 

Built: 2002, Singapore
Dimensions: LOA: 50m, Beam: 9m, Length: 47m, Depth: 3.9m, Draft: 2.49m
Tonnage: GT: 419 t, DWT: 370 t, NT: 130 t,
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV), next SS Jan 2017, next DD Feb 2015.
Main engine: 4x 2400 hp each. Total: 9600 hp. Speed abt 28 kn.
Props: 4x
Bow thruster: 200 hp
Gen set: 2x 182 kVa
Capacity: 63 pax + 7 crew, speed abt 28 kn. FiFi equipped.
Type: FSIV (Fast Support & Intervention Vessel) / Crew boat
Currently trading Atlantic South.
Inspection by short notice.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0222
Price: 4.000.000 USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

29 December 2014

River dry cargo ship 2230 t dwt 

Built: 1974, Germany
Dimensions: LOA: 105m, Beam: 9.5m, Length: 105m, Depth: 3.5m, Draft: 3.2m
Tonnage: DWT: 2230 t,
Class: SUK ADNR (Germany) till Feb 2015
Main engine: 1x Deutz 1000 hp. Engine was replaced in 2003
Gear: Rentjes
Bow thruster: 350 hp
Gen set: 1x 50 kVa installed in 1997, 1x 45 kVa, installed in 2007
Capacity: DWT: 2230 t. 1520 t at on 2.5 m draft, 1060 t on 2 m draft, 1x hold volume 2390 cbm
Pushing arrangements. Aluminum sliding hatches, steel floor. Trading Rhein-Main rivers.
Possible delivery to low Danube by our company.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0221
Price: 580.000 EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

Shallow drafted sea-river tanker 3660 DWT

Built: End of 80-s, Bulgaria
Dimensions: LOA: 122.8m, Beam: 15.2m, Length: 115m, Depth: 5.3m, Draft: 3.5m
Tonnage: GT: 2870 t, DWT: 3660 t, NT: 860 t,
Hull type: Double hull
Class: RMRS (IACS) ice 1, next SS/DD Apr 2015,
Main engine: 2x 860 hp. Total: 1720 hp. Speed 9 kn.
Props: 2 screw CPP
Gen set: 3x 100 kW
Capacity: DWT: 3660 t, 10x tanks, total vol.: 3490 cbm, 2 segregations, cargo pumps 2x 180 cbm/h
Coiled, coated. Trading Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0220
Price: 4 mio USD. For russian companies possible BBHP.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

25 December 2014

Sea tug 2400 hp for sale 

Built: 1992 Singapore
Dimensions: Loa: 29m, Beam: 8.7m, Length: 29m, Depth: 4.1m, Draught: 3.8m
Tonnage: Gt: 220 ts, Nt: 70 ts, Displacement: 440 ts
Class: Lloyd register, next SS Aug 2017. next DD Aug 2015
Main engine: 2x 1200 hp. Total: 2400 hp. Speed 11 kn.
Gen set: 2x 60 kW
Bollard pull: 31 t
Inspection Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0219
Price: 1.200.000 USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

3 Shallow drafted dry cargo vessels 6200 dwt for sale

Built: Russia, II-nd part of 90-s
Dimensions: Loa: 139m, Beam: 16.5m, Length: 135m, Depth: 6.6m, Draught: 4.7m
Tonnage: Gt: 4949 ts, Dwt: 6200 ts, Nt: 1650 ts,
Class: RMRS (IACS member), ice class
Main engine: 2x 1300 hp. Total: 2600 hp. Speed 10 kn.
Gen set: 3x 160 kW
Capacity: DWT: 6200 t, 4Ho/4Ha, total vol.: 6870 cbm, 140 TEU

3 sisterships. Gearless. Trading Black/Med. Pref. sell in block.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0217
Price: Owners ask for offers - we can guide you
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

22 December 2014

Bulk self-discharger 3010 dwt for sale

Built: Scandinavia
Year: 1973 (rebuilt in 1985)
Dimensions: Loa: 88m, Beam: 13.3m, Length: 85m, Depth: 6.3m, Draught: 6m
Tonnage: Gt: 2240 ts, Dwt: 3010 ts, Nt: 1170 ts,
Material: Double bottom
Class: DNV GL (ex Germanischer Lloyd) next SS/DD Apr 2016
Main engine: 1x 2400 hp. Speed abt 11 kn.
Thruster: 400 hp
Gen set: 3x 120 kVa each
Capacity: DWT: 3010 t, total vol: 3500 cbm, 2Ho/2Ha, box holds.

Fitted with excavator Caterpillar 7 m outreach, grab 3 cbm. Trading West Africa/West Europe.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0215
Price: 1.470.000 USD try less
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

02 December 2014

Geared dry cargo vessel 6240 dwt

Built: 1983 Germany
Dimensions: Loa: 95m, Beam: 17.5m, Length: 87.9m, Depth: 9.4m, Draught: 7.4m, Gt: 4039 t, Dwt: 6240 t, Nt: 2080 t
Class: DNV GL (IACS) next SS Nov/2018, DD Feb/2015
Main engine: 1x 3130 hp. Speed abt 14 kn. CPP prop.
Thruster: 300 hp
Gen set: 1x shaft gen 415 kVa, 2x 410 kVa
Crane: 2x 16 t
Capacity: DWT: 6240 t, 1 Ho/1 Ha, total vol.: 6680 cbm, 1x moveable bulkhead, boxshaped, hatch dims: 52.7 x 13.7 m, 278 TEU
Trading Mediterranean.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0207
(more photos by click)
Price: 1.65 mio USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

25 November 2014

Self-discharger 2650 dwt on 5.4 m draft

Built: 1977 Holland
Dimensions: Loa: 75m, Beam: 12.5m, Length: 70m, Depth: 6.5m, Draught: 5.4m, Gt: 1770 t, Nt: 988 t.
Class: RINA (IACS) next SS 06/2016
Main engine: 1х 1970 hp. Installed new in 2007. Speed abt 11 kn.
Gen set: 2x 120 kW Deutz, new installed in 2007
Capacity: DWT: 2650 t, 1 Ho/2Ha, vol: 3370 cbm, tanktop strength: 8 t/m2
Fitted with excavator Volvo, clamshell 3.2 cbm and gantry crane. Installed new ME and gen set.
Trading at Mediterranean.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0190
(more photos by click)
Price: Close to 1 mio EUR. Promt inspetion and delivery.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

24 November 2014

Double hull edible oil tanker 2210 dwt

Built: 1980 Germany. Rebuilt in 2001
Dimensions: Loa: 82m, Beam: 11.4m, Length: 80m, Depth: 6m, Draught: 3.95m
Tonnage: Gt: 1760 ts, Dwt: 2210 ts, Nt: 770 ts,
Class: International Register Of Shipping (Panama)
Trade area: A1+A2
Main engine: 1x 1050 hp. Speed abt 10 kn.
Thruster: 150 hp
Capacity: DWT: 2210 t, 10x stainless steel cargo tanks, cargo heating boiler.

Inspectable Persian Gulf.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0205
(more photos by click)
Price: Price: Try 1 mio EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

19 November 2014

Newbuild 4500 dwt bunkering tanker

Built: 2014-2015 Turkey
Dimensions: Loa: 80m, Beam: 16m, Length: 75.4m, Depth: 8.3m, Draught: 6.5m
Tonnage: Gt: 3050 ts, Dwt: 4500 ts,
Material: Double/double
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) flash point <60
Main engine: 2x 1140 hp. Total: 2280 hp.
Aux: 2x 400 kW, 1x 60 kW
Capacity: DWT: 4500 t (scantling), 3900 t (designed), 4 segregations, 8 tanks, total vol.: 4600 cbm, cargo pumps: 4x 400 cbm/h, 2x 100 cbm/h

Epoxy coated. Building will be complited Feb 2015. Inspection from Dec 2014 in Turkey.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0203
Price: 10 mio USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

08 October 2014

Oil chemical tanker 4490 dwt on 6.3 m draft

Built: 1999 Denmark
Dimensions: Loa: 93m, Beam: 15.4m, Length: 89m, Depth: 7.6m, Draught: 6.3m
Tonnage: Gt: 3220 ts, Dwt: 4490 ts, Nt: 1290 ts,
Class: RINA (IACS), IMO II, ice 1C, next SS/DD Sep/2017
Main engine: 1x 3700 hp
Gen set: 4x
Capacity: DWT: 4490 t, 16x cargo tanks, total vol.: 4650 cbm (excl. slop)
Cargo heating coils st/st.
Trading Mediterranean.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0180
Price: Owners ask for offers - we can guide you
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

26 September 2014

Bunkering tanker 4990 dwt on 6.5 m draft

Built: 2012 China
Dimensions: Loa: 80m, Beam: 16.5m, Length: 76.5m, Depth: 8.5m, Draught: 6.5m
Tonnage: Gt: 2995 ts, Dwt: 4990 ts, Nt: 1400 ts,
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) valid till Jan. 2017
Main engine: 2x 1300 hp each. Total 2600 hp. Speed abt. 11 kn.
Gen set: 2x 175 kVA, 1x 110 kVa
Capacity: DWT: 4990 t, 10x tanks, vol,: 4885 cbm, 2x cargo pumps 900 cbm/h
Oil tanker flash point > 60"C ESP. Double hull. Trading at Singapore Area.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0170
(more photos by click)
Price: Owners ask for offers - we can guide you.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

24 September 2014

Sea oil tanker 4675 t dwt

Built: 1992 Singapore
Dimensions: Loa: 85.8m, Beam: 16m, Length: 81m, Depth: 1.5m, Draught: 5.7m
Tonnage: Gt: 2610 ts, Dwt: 4675 ts, Nt: 1580 ts,
Class: DNV GL next SS/DD Aug 2017
Main engine: 1x 2800 hp. Speed abt 11.5 kn,
Gen set: 2x 250 kW
Capacity: DWT: 4675 t, vol: 5525 cbm (excl. slop tanks), 12x cargo tanks, 2x cargo pumps 500 cbm/h each
Cargo tanks epoxy coated. Trading on Red Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0167
Price: Best offer invited, try 4 mln USD.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

09 September 2014

Self-propelled full revolving crane Ganz 16 t for sale

Built: Budapest, Hungary
Dimensions: Loa: 34.3m, Beam: 15.8m, Length: 34.3m, Depth: 3.1m
Class: 4 ice class
Main engine: SKL 6 NVD 26/20 AL-1, 530 kW
Gen set: 6 CH, 12/14, 50 kW
Heating: MN 240
Capacity: 16 t

Max/Min working radius – 30/10 m. Lifting height (from the deck) - 21.0 m. Lifting depth (lower of the deck pontoon) – 18 m. Working rate approx. 200 tons / hour (depending material with full load) Working speed hoisting – 47.5 m/min Slewing speed - 1.25 rev/min Luffing approx 45 m/min, Airdraft of the crane in stowed position – 10 m. length of the crane in stowed position with the boom laid – 51.8 m.

Crane has grab-fitted mode. In 2010 was made diving inspection: pontoon is in good condition. The whole period of exploitation the crane was in fresh water. Crane has worked mostly for dredging. Smal working hours. Ldt of the crane together with the pontoon – 432 t.

Located on Baltic.
ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0013
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

25 August 2014

Sea oil chemical IMO III tanker

Built 1999 Turkey
Dimensions: Loa: 80m, Beam: 12m, Length: 72m, Depth: 6m, Draught: 5.4m
Tonnage: Dwt: 2840 ts,
Material: Double hull
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV), SS/DD passed July. 2014
Main engine: 1x 1750 hp. Speed abt 11 kn
Capacity: DWT: 2840 t, 10 cargo tanks, volume: 3100 cbm, cargo pumps 1x 175 t/h, 3x 375 t/h
Epoxy coated, st/st cargo heating coils in all cargo tanks. Located on Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0158
Price: 3 mln EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

05 August 2014

Sea oil/chemical tanker 4900 dwt

Built in 1998 Korea
Dimensions: Loa: 98m, Beam: 15.5m, Length: 95m, Draught: 6.4m
Tonnage: Dwt: 4900 ts,
Material: Double hull oil tanker
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) next DD Oct 2016/next SS Oct 2018
Main engine: Hyundai MAN B&V 3000 hp
Gen set: 2x Caterpillar
Capacity: DWT 4900, vol: 5050 cbm incl slop, 5 segregations, 10x cargo pumps 200 cbm/h each + 2x 100 cbm/h
Cargo tank epoxy coated, stainless steel coiled. Trading on Persian Gulf.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0154
Price: Best offers invited
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

28 July 2014

Sea tug 2560 hp, 20 t BP

Built in 1988. Yugoslavia
Dimensions: Loa: 30m, Beam: 9m, Length: 0m, Depth: 4.5m, Draught: 4.4m
Class: Russian Maritime Register valid till 2016
Trade area: A1, A2
Main engine: Sulzer 2 x 1260 HP. Total: 2560 HP
Props: 1 in nozzle
Thruster: 130 HP
Gen set: 1 x 150 kW, 1 x 75 kW
Bollard pull: 20 t
Speed: Eco speed: 9 kt, Maximum speed: 11 kt
Capacity: 2520 hp, Bollard pull 20 tons, tow winches, 650 m/40 mm
Nav. aids: GMDSS: A1, A2 + inmarsat C

Documents RMRS valid till 2016.
Inspection Caspian Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0064
Price idea: 1 mln EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

24 July 2014

Vegoil tanker 2500 DWT on 4.5 m draft 


Built in 1987 Turkey
Dimensions: Loa: 85m, Beam: 12m, Length: 78m, Depth: 6m, Draught: 4.5m
Tonnage: Dwt: 2500 ts, Displacement: 3200 ts
Double hull
Class: RMRS (IACS member)
Trade area: A1+A2
Main engine: 1x SKL 985 HP
Speed: Eco speed: 10 kt, Maximum speed: 12 kt
Bunkers: 90 t
Capacity: DWT 2500, 10 tanks, 2500 m3, pumps 2 x 180 m3/h
Nav. aids: Fully equipped
Other: Epoxy coated, Coiled 70"C

Was converted from oil bunkering tanker. Always possible to convert back. Good condition. Trading on Black Sea/Med. Can be delivered by our company.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0103
Location: Black Sea/Med. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 1.2 mln EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

22 July 2014

Low drafted 2 screw double hull tanker 3960 dwt on 4.3. m draft

Built in 2013 Russia
Dimensions: Loa: 119m, Beam: 13m, Length: 115m, Depth: 1.5m, Draught: 4.3m
Double hull
Class: Polish register of shipping (IACS member)
Main engine: 2x SKL 1520 hp TOTAL
Props: 2x
Thruster: 100 hp
DWT 3960 t, volume of cargo holds: 4040 cbm, 2x cargo pumps 350 cbm/h each
Cargo steam heating coils, 80"C.

Trading Black/Miditerranean sea.
ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0147
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

18 July 2014

Three types of sea-river barges for sale

1. ID144
Built in 2012. Ukraine
Dims: Loa: 70.5m, Beam: 11m, Draught: 3.1m
Tonnage: Dwt: 1970 t
Class: Ukrainian shipping register
Capacity: DWT: 1970, volume of cargo holds: 2560 cbm
Available for sale 11 barges.
Price: 400.000 EUR per unit
2. ID145
Built in 2003-2004-2005 Ukraine
Dims: Loa: 70.5m, Beam: 11m, Draught: 3.1m
Tonnage: Dwt: 1777 t
Class: Ukrainian shipping register
Capacity: DWT: 1777, volume of cargo holds: 3200 cbm
Available for sale 4 barges.
Price: 370.000 EUR per unit
3. ID146
Built in 1983 Ukraine
Dims: Loa: 99m, Beam: 14m, Draught: 3.3m
Tonnage: Dwt: 3400 t
Class: Mediterranean shipping register
Capacity: DWT: 3400, volume of cargo holds: 3985 cbm
Available for sale 2 barges.
Price: 520.000 EUR per unit

All barges are grain fitted. All barges with hatches. 
Located on Black Sea.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

10 July 2014

Sea chemical/oil products tanker 4600 dwt for sale

Built in 2007 Turkey
Dimensions: Loa: 99m, Beam: 15.7m, Length: 96m, Draught: 5m
Tonnage: Gt: 3000 ts, Dwt: 4600 ts, Nt: 1500 ts
Class:     Bureau Veritas (BV) till 2017.
Trade area: Unrestricted navigation
Main engine: 3100 hp
Gen set: 1x 150 kW, 2x 400 kW
Capacity: DWT: 4600, vol. 5360 cbm (incl. slop tanks), 5 segregations, cargo pumps 10x 300 cbm/h,
Double hull. Phenolic Epoxy coated. European shipowners.
ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0138
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

09 July 2014


-    TBN 002/003 (2x sisters):
DWT: 2280 t on 3.29 m draft;
Built in 1984;
L: 76.4 m, B: 11.4 m, AIRDRAFT: 4.8 m;
Class: GL N-closed till 04-2017;
Capacity: 12x cargo tanks, vol: 2560 cbm with cargo heating coils;
2x pumps: 385 cbm each (770 cbm total) driven by 2x Caterpillar 152 hp;
Gen set: 1x 55 kVa;
Bowthruster 385 hp Ballegooi/Scania (installed in 1997);
Price: 175.000

One of these barges have a boiler and both have coils. The boiler can heat both barges. The barges should be shifted to North Germany.


- TBN 004:
DWT: 2950 t on 4 m draft;
Built: 1976;
L: 80 m, B: 11.4;
Class: BV N closed till 06-2018;
Capacity: 14x tanks, vol: 3500 cbm with cargo heating coils but there is no boiler on board;
1x pump: 500 cbm/h driven by 500 hp engine;
Bowthruster: 250 hp, rotatable hydr. 360’
The barge is very stable.

To the ship also has a matching  Towboat, which together with the tank barge
 can be sold.

-    TBN 005:
DWT: 2125 t on 3.25 m draft
Built: 1984;
L: 90 m, B: 9.53 m. AIRDRAFT: 5.87 m
Class: GL expired till 08-2016
Capacity: 12x tanks.
1x pump: 2x 350 cbm/h (total 700 cbm/h).

-    TBN 006:
Double hull/double bottom
DWT: 930 t on 2.4 m draft
Built: 1991 Germany;
L: 65 m, B: 8.2
Capacity: 8x tanks, 1300 cbm.
1x pump: 350 cbm/h
Genset: 1x 27, 1x 45 kVa
Stored push barge

Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

-    TBN 001:  
DWT: 3200 t on 3.72 m draft.
Built in 1987. Holland
L: 110 m, B: 11.4 m, EMPTY HEIGHT: 6.4 m
Class: BV ADNR N-closed untill 07-2014;
ME: DEUTZ 1500 hp at 1000 rpm;
Capacity: 12x cargo tanks, vol: 4320 cbm with cargo heating coils;
Boiler capacity: 2.5 mln kkal
2x new pumps: 450 cbm/h each (900 cbm/h total) hydraulic, driven by motor 500 hp.
Gen set: 1x 270 kVa, 1x 100 kVa, 1x 60 kVa;
Bowthruster ELKA JET, lifting wheelhouse, all automatic operated by one man;
Radar, autopilot, bunkermast.
Accomodation: Kitchen, 2x rooms for Capitans + 4-5 bedrooms for crew


 -TBN 007:
DWT: 2920 t on 3.4 m draft.
Built in 1973
L: 110 m, B: 11.25 m, EMPTY HEIGHT: 6.5 m
Class: GL N-closed until 01-2019
ME: 2x MAK 900 hp at 375 rpm (TOTAL 1800 HP)
Capacity: 14x cargo tanks, vol: 3343 cbm;
Tanks coated with DIMECOAT 4
2x cargo pumps: 365 cbm/h each (700 cbm/h total), driven by 2x GM 175 hp each;
Gen set: 1x 27 kVa, 1x 35 kVa, 1x 42 kVa
Bowthruster ELKA JET 200 hp
Lifting wheelhouse, all automatic operated by one man;
Sides thickness ~ 10 mm;
Radar, autopilot
The owner spend more than 800.000 EUR for new wheelhouse, new accommodation, new propeller shaft, main engines overhauled, new turbine system etc.
Everything is in really well equipped and in good condition.

Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

04 July 2014

For sale river motor tanker 1750 dwt on 3 m draft

Built in 1972. Netherlands (Holland)
Dimensions: Loa: 81.5m, Beam: 8.9m, Length: 81.5m, Depth: 2.6m, Draught: 3m
Tonnage: Dwt: 1750 ts,
Material: Single bottom single sides
Class: Lloyd Register LR N-closed till the end of 2014
Trade area: Inland navigation
Main engine: Wartsilla 2x 960 hp. Total: 1920 hp Manufactured: 1x - 1998, 1x - 2009
Thruster: Yes
Gen set: 2x 50 kW, 1x 32 kW
Capacity: DWT 1750 t, volume of cargo tanks: 1888 cbm, pumps: 1x 600 cbm/h
Type: River self propelled tanker

Cargo heating coils.
Having relevant experience our company may offer to deliver the vessel to Ukrainian shipyard where to convert tanker to double/double and then deliver her by sea towing to Russia, Africa etc.

Price: EUR 230.000 as is Rotterdam
ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0136

Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

11 June 2014

Fast crew boat for 32 pax

Built: 2002. Germany
Dims: Loa: 18m, Beam: 5m, Length: 17m, Depth: 0m, Draught: 1.7m
Class: Germanischer Lloyd valid till 2019
Main engine: MTU 2500 HP
Props: 2x FPP
Gen set: Mercedes 2x50 kW
Speed: Eco speed: 18 kt, Maximum speed: 20 kt
Bunkers: 4 t
Freshwater: 2 t
Capacity: 32 pax + 4 crew members, deck - 30m3 for soft cargo
Sundeck: 30 m3 for soft cargo
Cabins: 4
Toilets: 2
Nav. aids: Radar, AIS, Echo sounder, Wind indicator, GPS.
Safety: All safety & fifi equipment
Type: Fast crew boat. Work boat. Service boat. Shallow water survey boat.

Service boat, crew boat. Air conditioned. Delivery worldwide.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0129
Price: 625.000 EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

04 June 2014

Twin screw sea tug 2700 HP 40t BP

Built in 2010. Holland
Dimensions: Loa: 23m, Beam: 7.9m, Length: 23m, Depth: 0m, Draught: 3.8m
Tonnage: Gt: 135 ts, Nt: 50 ts, Displacement: 290 ts
Class: RMRS (IACS member). Valid till 2019
Trade area: Unrestricted navigation
Main engine: 2x Caterpillar, 2700 hp
Speed: 12 kt
Gear: Yes
Props: 2x in nozzles
Towing hook: 45 t
Gen set: Caterpillar 70 kW, 220/400 V, 50Hz
Fire: Firefighting pump driven by Caterpillar engine 350 m3/hr at 12 bar. 2x monitors on a top of the wheelhouse.
Bollard pull: 40 t
Deck equipment: Capstan 4 t 15m/min, anchor winch 12m/min
Capacity: 2010 y., 2700 hp, 40 t bollard pull
Accommodation: Very well equipped accommodation for 8 persons. Soundproofing, air conditioned and heated, mess room and sanitary facilities.
Nav aids: All modern navigation equipment.
Type: Twin screw sea tug, mooring, fifi operations

Two sistership tugs. In excellent condition like new. Documents of IACS member till 2019. Ice class.
Ships were built under the supervision of Lloyd Register. Delivery worldwide by our company.
Our ID: 0122
Price: 2.8 mln EUR each
Location Netherlands.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

31 May 2014

3 unique sisterships.

 Sibirsky type dry cargo vessels 4400 DWT on 3.6 m draft

Built in 80-s, Finland
Dimensions: Loa: 129.57m, Beam: 15.8m, Length: 126m, Depth: 6m, Draught: 3.6m
Material: Double sides/Double bottom
Class: RMRS (IACS member). Ice class. Documents valid till 2016
Trade area: A1+A2
Main engine: 2x 6CHRN 36/45, 662 each. 1324 hp total
Speed: 10 kt
Props: 2x
Thruster: Yes
Gen set: 3x 100 kW, 1x 60 kW
Bunkers: 230 t
Freshwater: 2 t
Capacity: DWT 4400 t., 5400 cbm, 140 TEU, 4 x box holds 1-21.4x11x6m, 2-3-4 - 20x11x6m. Only 3.6 m draft.
All modern navigation equipment.
Type: Two screw dry cargo shallow draft vessel

Quick sale. 3 sisterships from one close shipowner.
Our ID: 0119
Price: 950.000 EUR for each vessel
Location: Baltic. Delivery worldwide.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

29 May 2014

Self-discharge grain carrier feeder abt. 2200 dwt on 5.2 m draft

Built 1972. Germany.
Fully rebuilt in 1994 to grain carrier in Norway
Dimensions: Loa: 77m, Beam: 12m, Length: 75m, Draught: 5.2m
Class: BV - Bureau Veritas (Ice E3)
Main engine: DEUTZ 1000 HP
Thruster: Yes
Gen set: 3 x installed new Volvo Penta, Scania, MAN
Speed: Eco speed: 10 kt, Maximum speed: 11 kt
DWT 2200 t, 2x holds 2600 cbm volume, self-discharging abt 300 t/hr of grain type cargo
All modern navigation aids

Self-discharge features work by conveyor belt/mechanic chain transporter. Hydro-electro mechanic chain type is closed dust free system. Boom of caro transporter outreach abt 14 m, hight abt 10 m.
Fully automatic controlled from wheelhouse.

Very nice vessel can be used for many types of work.
In good condition.
Located in North Europe. Worldwide delivery.

Our ID: 0114
Price:  650.000 EUR try less

23 May 2014

Lena-neft sea-river tanker 2885 DWT, documents till 2015

Built in Russe, Bulgaria
Dimensions: Loa: 108.5m, Beam: 15.2m, Length: 108.5m, Depth: 4.4m, Draught: 2.8m
Tonnage: Gt: 2015 ts, Dwt: 2885 ts, Nt: 665 ts,
Material: Double sided / single bottom
Class: M 3.0 (ice 30) A, Russian River Register valid til 2015
Main engine: 6NVD48A-2U
Gen set: 6CH 18/22
Speed: Eco speed: 8 kt, Maximum speed: 10 kt
Capacity: DWT 2885, 10 tanks, 3222 tonns, cargo pumps: 2 x 150 cbm/h
Number of grades: 2 / Epoxy coated - Consumption: - at sea 4.5 ton - during loading 0.5 ton - during discharging 1 ton -

2 tankers together for sale.
Sisterships from one shipowner, same condition.

Our ID: 0063
Location: Azov Sea. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 1 mln USD as is each
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

14 May 2014

Sea-river shallow drafted, double hull, Volgoneft type for sale


Built in 1982. Russe, Bulgaria
Dimensions: Loa: 133m, Beam: 17m, Length: 0m, Depth: 5.5m, Draught: 3.5m
Tonnage: Dwt: 4890 ts,
Material: Double hull
Class: Russian Register КМ (*) R3-RSN oil tanker (ESP) (IACS member). Next SS in 2018
Main engine: 6NVDS 48A-U, 2 x 736 kW
Capacity: DWT 4890, full cargo capacity: 5660 cbm, cargo pumps: 2 x 900 cbm/h
Type: Volgoneft tanker

Volgoneft type sea-river, shallow drafted vessel, double hull, 4890 DWT

Our ID: 0111
Location: Azov/Black Sea. Delivery worldwide.
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

08 May 2014

Sea-river cargo vessel 1600 DWT for sale


Built in 1987. Netherlands (Holland)
Dimensions: Loa: 80m, Beam: 10m, Length: 75m, Depth: 4m, Draught: 3.3m
Tonnage: Gt: 1100 ts, Dwt: 1600 ts,
Class: Bureau Veritas till 2016
Trade area: Unrestricted navigation
Main engine: Stork 775 kW 1060 HP
Gen set: 1x 55 kVA, 1x 35 kVA. 1x 59 kVA
Speed: Eco speed: 11 kt, Maximum speed: 12 kt
Bunkers: 55 t
Capacity: 1600 DWT, 2060 total capacity of hold,
Last dry dock was on May 2014.
Good condition. From direct shipowners. Class BV till 2016, unrestricted nav.

Our ID: 0109
Location: Baltic. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 555.000 EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

17 April 2014

For sale 2 tank barges for pushing 2280 t each

Built in 1984. Dordrecht, The Netherlands (Holland)
Dimensions: Loa: 76.5m, Beam: 11.4m, Length: 76.5m, Depth: 3.42m, Draught: 3.29m
Tonnage: Dwt: 2280 t
Class: GL
Thruster: One barge has a bowthruster
Gen set: 55 kVa
Capacity: 2280 DWT, tanks: 2 x 6, cargo pomps: 2 x 385 m3/h (770 m3/h total) driven by 152 HP Caterpillar engine - on each barge

Cargo heating coils; Fuel tanks: 8900 l.; Anchor winches: 1x bow, 1x aft; Coupling winches: 4x;
Type: Type N-closed can transport benzine and other oil&chemical cargoes

Very good condition of the hulls - no corrosion.

Our ID: 0106
Location: Netherlands. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 150.000 EUR each
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com
+7 901 9034818

19 March 2014

Sea tanker 3300 DWT on 5.40 m draft

Built in 1984, Bulgaria
Dimensions: Loa: 77.5m, Beam: 14.5m, Length: 73.2m, Depth: 6.6m, Draught: 5.4m
Tonnage: Gt: 1900 ts, Nt: 1000 ts,
Material: Single/single
Class: Shipping Register Of Ukraine (exp.11/2013), КМ * ICE 3 R2 OIL TANKER (>60°C) (ESP), flag: Union of the Comoros
Main engine: 1x 1200 hp SKL, Bowthruster
Capacity: DWT 3300, 8 tanks, 3400 m3, pumps 3x 180 m3/h + stripping pump 1x 65 m3/h
Coiled 60"C heating
Type: Tanker 610 project built in Bulgaria

Vessel is in warm lay-up with class expired in 2013 but reported to be in tip-top condition with all machinery in good order.

Our ID: 0104
Located on a Black Sea. Can be delivered worldwide by our company.
Price: 750.000 USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com
+7 901 9034818

12 March 2014

Deck barge newbuilding 2060 DWT

New building 2014 Turkey

Dimensions: Loa: 61.5m, Beam: 16m, Depth: 3.96m, Draught: 2.75m
Tonnage: Dwt: 2058 t, Nt: 466 t, Displacement: 2523 t
Class: Turkish Lloyd (+) 1A5 PONTOON
Capacity: 2060 DWT
Type: Deck barge pontoon barge
Remarks: New building deck-barge. Official representatives. Can be delivered worldwide by our company.

ID: 0102
Price: 1.400.000 USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com
+7 901 9034818

11 March 2014

River tanker 2800 DWT on 3.50 m draft

Built in 1973
Price: 650.000 EUR + 4% commision
Dimensions: Loa: 110m, Beam: 11.3m, Draught: 3.5m
Dwt: 2800 t
Class: Bureau Veritas N -closed + ADNR + VALID TILL 2018
Main engine: New engines, installed in 2012. 2х 1050 hp Caterpillar. 2100 HP TOTAL.
Thruster: Veth Jet - Scania
Gen set: 1x 50 kVa Deutz , 1x 30 kVa Deutz , 1x 80 kVa Valmet Diesel
Deck equipment: Bunker mast: Rowing van der Velden
Capacity: 2800 DWT, 14 tanks, 3,500 m3, pumps: 2x DAF
Interior: New accommodation in 2013
Nav. aids: Computers, GPS, radar, autopilot
Other: Boiler heating coils.
Remarks: Good tanker from belgian shipowner. We can offer also a convertation for extra cost to double double and worldwide delivery.

Our ID: 0101
Location: Germany. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 650.000 EUR + 4% commision
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com
+7 901 9034818
Motor tanker 2.300 DWT on 3.15 m draft

Built in 1992. Plock, Polska
Dimensions: Loa: 106m, Beam: 10.5m, Draught: 3.15m
Dwt: 2300 t
Class: Bureau Veritas N -closed SS 02.2014
Main engine: 1x Deutz 1680 HP
Gear: Masson Marine overhauled 2001
Thruster: 430 HP
Gen set: 1x 450 kVa, 2x 115 kVa, 1x 40 kVa Stamford-Deutz
Capacity: DWT 2300, 12 tanks, 3300 m3, pumps: 1x Bornemann 650 m3/h
Nav. aids: Nautical equipment complete

Zinc coated, coils , boiler.

Good tanker from german shipowner. We can offer also a convertation for extra cost to double double and worldwide delivery.

Our ID: 0100
Location: Germany. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 600.000 EUR (subject for inspection and further negotiation)
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com
+7 901 9034818

15 January 2014

60 t capacity crane ship, self-propelled floating crane for sale

Built: USSR complete overhauled in 2013
Year: 1969
Capacity: 60 t
Dimensions: Loa: 46.5m, Beam: 17.5m, Length: 0m, Depth: 3.8m, Draught: 2.4m
Class: Documents of RMRS valid till 2018
Trade area: Internal water, 20 miles from a shore
Main engine: 6 CH 25/31 2 x 331 kW
Speed: Service speed: 5.5 kt, Maximum speed: 6 kt
Bunkers: 60 t
Freshwater: 42 t

The crane is in apparent good condition, well maintained, has sufficient strength, stability and good reliable equipment in accordance to Class requirement.

This is floating crane with diesel-electrical engine units, capacity 60tons.
The crane has purposes to serve hydro technical works such as mantle elements of various constructions and modules of the ports facilities, ship building and ship repair works, some dragged work.
The crane can work without barges, because it has cargo deck for 200 tons cargo and can sail until 20 nautical miles from shore and accomplish the work in open areas without assistance of the tugs.

Our ID: 0086
Location: Baltic
Price: 1.5 mln USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com