31 May 2014

3 unique sisterships.

 Sibirsky type dry cargo vessels 4400 DWT on 3.6 m draft

Built in 80-s, Finland
Dimensions: Loa: 129.57m, Beam: 15.8m, Length: 126m, Depth: 6m, Draught: 3.6m
Material: Double sides/Double bottom
Class: RMRS (IACS member). Ice class. Documents valid till 2016
Trade area: A1+A2
Main engine: 2x 6CHRN 36/45, 662 each. 1324 hp total
Speed: 10 kt
Props: 2x
Thruster: Yes
Gen set: 3x 100 kW, 1x 60 kW
Bunkers: 230 t
Freshwater: 2 t
Capacity: DWT 4400 t., 5400 cbm, 140 TEU, 4 x box holds 1-21.4x11x6m, 2-3-4 - 20x11x6m. Only 3.6 m draft.
All modern navigation equipment.
Type: Two screw dry cargo shallow draft vessel

Quick sale. 3 sisterships from one close shipowner.
Our ID: 0119
Price: 950.000 EUR for each vessel
Location: Baltic. Delivery worldwide.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

29 May 2014

Self-discharge grain carrier feeder abt. 2200 dwt on 5.2 m draft

Built 1972. Germany.
Fully rebuilt in 1994 to grain carrier in Norway
Dimensions: Loa: 77m, Beam: 12m, Length: 75m, Draught: 5.2m
Class: BV - Bureau Veritas (Ice E3)
Main engine: DEUTZ 1000 HP
Thruster: Yes
Gen set: 3 x installed new Volvo Penta, Scania, MAN
Speed: Eco speed: 10 kt, Maximum speed: 11 kt
DWT 2200 t, 2x holds 2600 cbm volume, self-discharging abt 300 t/hr of grain type cargo
All modern navigation aids

Self-discharge features work by conveyor belt/mechanic chain transporter. Hydro-electro mechanic chain type is closed dust free system. Boom of caro transporter outreach abt 14 m, hight abt 10 m.
Fully automatic controlled from wheelhouse.

Very nice vessel can be used for many types of work.
In good condition.
Located in North Europe. Worldwide delivery.

Our ID: 0114
Price:  650.000 EUR try less

23 May 2014

Lena-neft sea-river tanker 2885 DWT, documents till 2015

Built in Russe, Bulgaria
Dimensions: Loa: 108.5m, Beam: 15.2m, Length: 108.5m, Depth: 4.4m, Draught: 2.8m
Tonnage: Gt: 2015 ts, Dwt: 2885 ts, Nt: 665 ts,
Material: Double sided / single bottom
Class: M 3.0 (ice 30) A, Russian River Register valid til 2015
Main engine: 6NVD48A-2U
Gen set: 6CH 18/22
Speed: Eco speed: 8 kt, Maximum speed: 10 kt
Capacity: DWT 2885, 10 tanks, 3222 tonns, cargo pumps: 2 x 150 cbm/h
Number of grades: 2 / Epoxy coated - Consumption: - at sea 4.5 ton - during loading 0.5 ton - during discharging 1 ton -

2 tankers together for sale.
Sisterships from one shipowner, same condition.

Our ID: 0063
Location: Azov Sea. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 1 mln USD as is each
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

14 May 2014

Sea-river shallow drafted, double hull, Volgoneft type for sale


Built in 1982. Russe, Bulgaria
Dimensions: Loa: 133m, Beam: 17m, Length: 0m, Depth: 5.5m, Draught: 3.5m
Tonnage: Dwt: 4890 ts,
Material: Double hull
Class: Russian Register КМ (*) R3-RSN oil tanker (ESP) (IACS member). Next SS in 2018
Main engine: 6NVDS 48A-U, 2 x 736 kW
Capacity: DWT 4890, full cargo capacity: 5660 cbm, cargo pumps: 2 x 900 cbm/h
Type: Volgoneft tanker

Volgoneft type sea-river, shallow drafted vessel, double hull, 4890 DWT

Our ID: 0111
Location: Azov/Black Sea. Delivery worldwide.
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

08 May 2014

Sea-river cargo vessel 1600 DWT for sale


Built in 1987. Netherlands (Holland)
Dimensions: Loa: 80m, Beam: 10m, Length: 75m, Depth: 4m, Draught: 3.3m
Tonnage: Gt: 1100 ts, Dwt: 1600 ts,
Class: Bureau Veritas till 2016
Trade area: Unrestricted navigation
Main engine: Stork 775 kW 1060 HP
Gen set: 1x 55 kVA, 1x 35 kVA. 1x 59 kVA
Speed: Eco speed: 11 kt, Maximum speed: 12 kt
Bunkers: 55 t
Capacity: 1600 DWT, 2060 total capacity of hold,
Last dry dock was on May 2014.
Good condition. From direct shipowners. Class BV till 2016, unrestricted nav.

Our ID: 0109
Location: Baltic. Delivery worldwide.
Price: 555.000 EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com