26 September 2014

Bunkering tanker 4990 dwt on 6.5 m draft

Built: 2012 China
Dimensions: Loa: 80m, Beam: 16.5m, Length: 76.5m, Depth: 8.5m, Draught: 6.5m
Tonnage: Gt: 2995 ts, Dwt: 4990 ts, Nt: 1400 ts,
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) valid till Jan. 2017
Main engine: 2x 1300 hp each. Total 2600 hp. Speed abt. 11 kn.
Gen set: 2x 175 kVA, 1x 110 kVa
Capacity: DWT: 4990 t, 10x tanks, vol,: 4885 cbm, 2x cargo pumps 900 cbm/h
Oil tanker flash point > 60"C ESP. Double hull. Trading at Singapore Area.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0170
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24 September 2014

Sea oil tanker 4675 t dwt

Built: 1992 Singapore
Dimensions: Loa: 85.8m, Beam: 16m, Length: 81m, Depth: 1.5m, Draught: 5.7m
Tonnage: Gt: 2610 ts, Dwt: 4675 ts, Nt: 1580 ts,
Class: DNV GL next SS/DD Aug 2017
Main engine: 1x 2800 hp. Speed abt 11.5 kn,
Gen set: 2x 250 kW
Capacity: DWT: 4675 t, vol: 5525 cbm (excl. slop tanks), 12x cargo tanks, 2x cargo pumps 500 cbm/h each
Cargo tanks epoxy coated. Trading on Red Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0167
Price: Best offer invited, try 4 mln USD.
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

09 September 2014

Self-propelled full revolving crane Ganz 16 t for sale

Built: Budapest, Hungary
Dimensions: Loa: 34.3m, Beam: 15.8m, Length: 34.3m, Depth: 3.1m
Class: 4 ice class
Main engine: SKL 6 NVD 26/20 AL-1, 530 kW
Gen set: 6 CH, 12/14, 50 kW
Heating: MN 240
Capacity: 16 t

Max/Min working radius – 30/10 m. Lifting height (from the deck) - 21.0 m. Lifting depth (lower of the deck pontoon) – 18 m. Working rate approx. 200 tons / hour (depending material with full load) Working speed hoisting – 47.5 m/min Slewing speed - 1.25 rev/min Luffing approx 45 m/min, Airdraft of the crane in stowed position – 10 m. length of the crane in stowed position with the boom laid – 51.8 m.

Crane has grab-fitted mode. In 2010 was made diving inspection: pontoon is in good condition. The whole period of exploitation the crane was in fresh water. Crane has worked mostly for dredging. Smal working hours. Ldt of the crane together with the pontoon – 432 t.

Located on Baltic.
ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0013
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com