18 May 2015

Bunkering tanker 5280 dwt at Singapore area

Built: 1985, Japan
Dimensions: LOA: 102 m, Beam: 16.3 m, Length: 96 m, Depth: 8 m, Draft: 6.6 m
Tonnage: GT: 3230 t, DWT: 5280 t, NT: 1415 t,
Hull type: Double hull
Class: NKK (IACS) next SS Dec 2018
Main engine: 1x 3300 hp. Speed 13 kn.
Bow thruster: 300 hp
Gen set: 1x shaft generator 220 kW, 2x 250 kW
Capacity: DWT: 5280 t, 6x cargo tanks, vol.: 4930 cbm (excl. slop.), 2 segregations, max load rate: 800 cbm/h
Tanker > 60"C, epoxy coated, double hull.
Trading Singapore area.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0241

Price: 3 mio USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

Selfdischarge sea-river cargo vessel 2800 dwt for sale

Built: 1988, Russia
Dimensions: LOA: 89.2 m, Beam: 12.2 m, Draft: 4 m
Tonnage: GT: 1870 t, DWT: 2800 t,
Class: INSB (Greece)
Main engine: 2x SKL. Total: 1380 hp. Speed abt 10 kn.
Gen set: 3x 100 kW
Deck equipment: 1x 5 t excavator Volvo + Bobcat on rubber trucks in cargo hold.
Capacity: DWT: 2800 t, total vol.: 2260 cub.m., hold dims: L. 42 m, W. 9 m, H 6 m. Tanktop strength: 8 t/sqm.
Remarks: Tween screw. Boxed holds. Fitted for dangerous cargoes. Prompt inspection and delivery in Greece.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0270
Price: 760.000 EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

13 May 2015

Selfdischarger 970 t dwt for sale

Built: 1979, Holland
Dimensions: LOA: 58.9 m, Beam: 9.9 m, Length: 55.7 m, Depth: 3.7 m, Draft: 3.25 m
Tonnage: GT: 640 t, DWT: 970 t, NT: 290 t,
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) next SS Oct 2019
Trade area: Unrestricted
Main engine: 1x Caterpillar 760 hp. Speed 10.5 kn.
Bow thruster: 150 hp
Gen set: 1x 25 kW, 1x 35 kW
Deck equipment: 1x excavator Caterpillar with grab 1.7 cbm
Capacity: DWT: 970 t, 1 Ho/1Ha, vol.: 1200 cbm, discharging capacity: 250 t / hr.
Long valid IACS documents.
Prompt inspection and delivery on North Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0268
Price: 600.000 EUR but try less
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

06 May 2015

2000 hp, utility support tugboat for sale 

Built: 2006, PRC
Dimensions: LOA: 37 m, Beam: 9 m, Length: 34 m, Depth: 3.9 m, Draft: 3.3 m
Tonnage: GT: 300 t, NT: 90 t,
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) next SS Jun 2016
Trade area: Unrestricted
Main engine: 2x Caterpillar 1000 hp. Total: 2000 hp. Speed 13 kn
Bow thruster: 270 hp
Gen set: 2x 245 kW each
Capacity: 2000 hp, 25 t bollard pull, 600 m of 45 mm drum
Other:     8 cabins for 20 men members, all nav. and safety equipment as per SOLAS.
Twin screw, IACS class, trading Singapore.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0267
Price reduced: 1.39 mio USD netto to owners
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

04 May 2015

Two screw 4000 hp tug boat for sale

Built: 2002, Hong Kong
Dimensions: LOA: 40.2 m, Beam: 11 m, Length: 37 m, Depth: 4.9 m, Draft: 3.4 m
Tonnage: GT: 500 t
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV)
Main engine: 2x Caterpillar 2000 hp. Total: 4000 hp. Speed 12.5 kn.
Bow thruster:  Caterpillar 350 hp
Gen set: 2x Caterpillar driven 180 kW each
Lifting equipment: crane 3 t
Capacity: 4000 hp, bollard pull 45 t, double drum winch
Quarters: 12
Located in Persian Gulf.
Promt inspection and delivery.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0266
Price reduced: 2.5 mio USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

Pontoon twin-tower self-contained floating dock 30.000 tons for sale

Built: 1972, Croatia
Dimensions: LOA: 226 m, Beam: 45 m, Length: 202 m, Depth: 18 m, Draft: 16 m
Tonnage: GT: 19800 t, DWT: 8225 t, NT: 14900 t,
Class: SRU till 2017
Bunkers: 115 t
Capacity: 30.000 tons
Quarters: 37
Cabins: 20
Endurance: The dock incorporates fuel, lube oil and water tanks of sufficient capacities for storing main supplies of the dock required for self-contained operation of the dock during 10 days under the most unfavourable weather conditions.

General: The dock has its own electric power plant steam boilers, instrument air compressors, a.c. and d.c. welding equipment, acetylene and oxygen pipelines, arrangement for docking ships, movable scaffolds, two 15 t capacity portal cranes and lifts. Steel hull of the dock consists of two towers and six pontoons. The towers and pontoons are joined with rivets to make it possible to self-dock three pontoons at a time. 37 crew of the dock (3 singles and 17 twin cabins).

Dock is working, in good working condition.
Inspection on Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0265
Price reduced: 9 mio USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com