29 July 2015

Cheap sea-river gencargo vsl 1855 t dwt for sale
Built: 1980, Germany
Dimensions: LOA: 74 m, Beam: 10 m, Length: 73 m, Draft: 3.95 m
Tonnage: GT: 1090 t, DWT: 1855 t, NT: 500 t,
Class: RMRS (IACS) valid till 2014
Main engine: Deutz 600 hp. Service speed 9.5 kn.
Bunkers: 170 t
Capacity: 1x hold: 47mx7.45mx5.25m, volume: 1875 cbm
Remarks: Lifting wheelhouse. Located on Baltic.

Need to act quickly and decisively otherwise the owner would send the vessel for scrap!

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0142
Price: Locks are closed till April 2016
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

Gearless multipurpose vessel 4150 dwt for sale 

Built: 1997, The Netherlands
Dimensions: LOA: 89.8 m, Beam: 13.5 m, Depth: 7.3 m, Draft: 5.8 m
Tonnage: GT: 2850 t, DWT: 4150 t, NT: 1530 t,
Class: DNV GL (IACS), 1A ice class. next SS Mar 2017
Main engine: 1x MAK 3000 hp.
Capacity: DWT: 4150 t, 1Ho/1Ha, vol.: 5630 cbm, 260 teu (20 ref. plugs).
Strengthened for heavy cargo. Inspection in Holland.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0289
Price: Mid of 2 mio EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

27 July 2015

Four open river hold barges for sale

Built: 1981, Czechoslovakia
Dimensions: LOA: 62 m, Beam: 7.7 m,
Class: Belarusian Inspectorate of the River Register
Capacity: DWT: 800 t, 1000 cbm
From direct owners. Inspection Ukraine.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0286
Price: 85.000 USD
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

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Shallow drafted AHTS Pusher Tug 46 bhp for sale

Built: 2010, The Netherlands
Dimensions:  LOA: 31.2 m, Beam: 9.4 m, Depth: 3.2 m, Draft: 2.5 m
Tonnage: GT: 255 t, NT: 75 t
Class: Lloyd Register (IACS)
Trade area: Unrestricted
Main engine: 2x 1600 hp. Total: 3200 hp. Speed 12 kn.
Props: 2x in kort nozzles
Bow thruster: 350 kW
Gen set: 2x 110 kW
Lifting equipment: 1x deck crane 10 t
Capacity: 3200 hp, 46 t bollard pull, hydraulic double drum, wires 700 and 350 m, dia 40 mm
Type: Anchor handling tug supply vessel
Shallow drafted AHTS tug-pusher. Lloyd Register.
Trading in Gulf Of Guinea.

Price: 5 mio EUR
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

23 July 2015

Chemical tanker 40.200 dwt for sale 

Built: 2002, South Korea
Dimensions: LOA: 175 m, Beam: 30 m, Length: 170 m, Draft: 11 m
Tonnage: GT: 25000 t, DWT: 40200 t, NT: 10200 t
Hull type: Double hull
Class: RINA (IACS) next SS July 2017
Trade area: Unrestricted
Main engine: 1x 11500 hp.
Bow thruster: 1200 hp
Gen set: Total: 3200 kW
Capacity: DWT: 40200 t, 6 segregations, total vol.: 42500 cbm, 12 cargo pumps, 450 cbm/h each
Epoxy coated, st/st heating coils (max 75"C), trading North Sea and worldwide.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0285
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

16 July 2015

2 sisters Ice classed chemical tankers 6500 dwt for sale 

Built: 1991, Norway
Dimensions: LOA: 101.2 m, Beam: 17.9 m, Length: 95 m, Depth: 9 m, Draft: 7 m
Tonnage: GT: 4000 t, DWT: 6500 t, NT: 1915 t,
Class: DNV GL (IACS) Ice class 1A, next SS Mar 2019
Capacity: DWT: 6500 t, vol.: 6100 cbm (98% ex. slop), 14x cargo tanks, 14 segregations, 14x cargo pumps 200 cbm/h each
Two sisterships 1A ice classed, epoxy coated, stst heating coils. Trading North Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0284
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

 2 sisterships Ro-ro and container carriers for sale 

Built: 1989 and 1990, Italy
Dimensions: LOA: 114 m, Beam: 20 m, Length: 112 m, Depth: 11.8 m, Draft: 4.7 m
Tonnage: GT: 7080 t, DWT: 4111 t,
Class: RMRS (IACS) & RINA (IACS) both next SS Mar 2019
Main engine: 1x 4500 hp
Bow thruster: 400 hp
Capacity: 1000 lane meters, 348 teu + 60 cars in lower hold
Other: Accomodation for 20 crew + 12 drivers.
2 sisterships Ro-ro vessel for sale, IACS class till march 2019. Trading Black and Adriatic seas.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0283
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

15 July 2015


We might be able to develop for sale 4x Omskiy type general cargo vessels.

Pls to hear if you have any serious potential buyers.

Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com


08 July 2015

3500 dwt ice classed cargo ship for sale 

Built: 1995, Germany
Dimensions: LOA: 83 m, Beam: 12.5 m, Length: 81 m, Depth: 6.7 m, Draft: 5.25 m
Tonnage: GT: 2350 t, DWT: 3500 t, NT: 1200 t, Displacement: 4630 t
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV), ICE class 1C, next SS Apr 2020
Main engine: 1x MAK 2200 hp. Speed 11 kn.
Gen set: 2x 160 kW, 1x 80 kW
Capacity: DWT: 3500 t, total vol.: 4300 cbm, tank-top strength 12 t/sqm, two movable bulkheads
Grain fitted, boxhold. ICE classed multipurpose sip, IACS docs for 5 years till 2020.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0280
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

600 pax fast passanger catamaran for sale

Built: 2003, Singapore
Dimensions: LOA: 49.19 m, Beam: 12.29 m, Draft: 3.31 m
Tonnage: GT: 715 t, NT: 215 t,
Hull type: Aluminium twin hull
Class: Bureau Veritas (BV) next SS Jul 2018
Main engine: 2x MTU. Total power: 6300 hp. Speed max 33 kn.
Props: 2x Hamilton water jets
Gen set: 2x 85 kW
Capacity: 600 passengers
Type: Light ship fast passenger vessel
Aluminium fast passanger vessel. Trading Spain-Atlantic.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0279
Price: On request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com