29 February 2016

Shallow drafted MPP 5200 t dwt for sale 

Built: 2011, PRC
Dimensions: LOA: 123.2 m, Beam: 16.6 m, Length: 119 m, Depth: 5.6 m, Draft: 4.1 m
Tonnage: GT: 4880 t, DWT: 5200 t, NT: 2620 t
Class: RMRS (IACS), II ice class, next SS/DD Sep 2016
Main engine: 2x MAN 1500 hp. Total power output: 3000 hp. Burn IFO 180. Speed 10 kn.
Capacity: DWT: 5200 t, 3x holds/hatches, vol.: 8600 cbm, 242 TEU
Notes: Fit for carriage of dangerous goods, bulk cargoes, equipped for carriage of containers.
From our keen sellers. Ice classed, draft in sea: 4.1 m, draft in river: 3.6 m. Trading Mediterranean/Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0165
Price: On your request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

24 February 2016

Double hull Inland tanker vessel 3100 dwt for sale

Built: 1974, Belgium
Dimensions: LOA: 108.5 m, Beam: 11.4 m, Depth: 4 m, Draft: 3.6 m
Tonnage: GT: 1970 t,
Class: Shipping Register Of Ukraine, next SS May 2019
Main engine: 2x 1000 hp. Total 2000 hp.
Bow thruster: 240 hp
Gen set: 2x John Deere 85 kVa each
Capacity: DWT: 3100 t, 2x segregations, 12x cargo tanks, 21m bunker mast, 2x cargo pumps Bornemann 600 cbm/h each
Accomodation: 5 bedrooms
Cargo heating coils, last cargo: petrol.
The vessel was delivered by our company from the Netherlands to Ukraine where she is trading. Could be delivered to anywhere.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0331
Price: On your request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

18 February 2016

Double hull tankbarge 2275 t dwt for sale 

Built: 1973, Germany
Dimensions: LOA: 86 m, Beam: 11.5 m, Length: 84 m, Depth: 4.1 m, Draft: 3.4 m
Tonnage: GT: 1590 t, DWT: 2275 t,
Class: RRR (Russian river register)
Bow thruster: Mersedes Benz, 550 hp
Gen set: 2x
Capacity: DWT: 2275, carrying with temp. <60"C, heating boiler, 2x segregation, 2x cargo pumps
Remarks: Double sides/double bottom tankbarge with bowthruster, accomodation, cargo heating boiler, 2 segregations, pumps are driven by separate diesel engines. Located on Volga river (Russia).

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0330
Price: On your request
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com