24 January 2017

4200 bhp ASD tug after SS/DD for sale 

Built: 2002, Singapore
Dimensions: LOA: 29.5 m, Beam: 11 m, Depth: 5 m, Draft: 4 m
Tonnage: GT: 295 t,
Class: Lloyd Register (IACS), docs for 5 years till 2022.
Trade area: A1+A2+A3
Main engine: 2x 2100 hp. Speed 13 kn.
Gen set: 2x 85 kW
Fifi equipment: 2x monitor 600 cbm/h each, 1x fifi pump 1200 cbm/h
Capacity: Bollard pull 55 t, 4200 hp, towing hook, towing winch 400 m x 42 mm
Capable to carry 3 x 20ft container on deck. Trading Persian Gulf.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0382
Price: 2.2 mln USD (with new SS/DD for 5 years)

Geared gencargo/container Ro-Lo for sale 

Built: 1984, Germany
Dimensions: LOA: 108 m, Beam: 18 m, Length: 91 m, Depth: 8.5 m, Draft: 4.5 m
Tonnage: GT: 5000 t, DWT: 4200 t, NT: 1500 t,
Main engine: 2x Wichmann-Norway (now Wartsila) 1700 hp each. Total: 3400 hp. Working on IFO180.
Bow thruster: 345 hp
Gen set: 2x 250 kW, 1x 50 kw + 2 shaft generators
Lifting equipment: 2x crane 60 t each Liebherr
Capacity: DWT: 4200 t, vol.: 6900 cbm, 405 lm, 420 TEUs (60 ref. plugs), 300 cars+vans
1-st and 2-nd trading Far East Russia/China/Korea/Japan, 3-rd sistership is on a way to homeport on a Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0381
Price: 2 mln USD for each sister with IACS docs valid till Aug 2021 and Dec 2017
- 1.3 mln USD for the vessel with non-IACS class valid till Feb 2017.

Geared MPP/cont/cargo ship 4600t dwt for sale 

Built: 1997, Portugal
Dimensions: LOA: 101 m, Beam: 16.6 m, Depth: 7.5 m,
Tonnage: GT: 3860 t, NT: 1960 t,
Class: RINA (IACS) next SS May 2017
Trade area: A1+A2+A3
Main engine: 1x MAN (german built) 4720 hp, burn IFO 380, speed upt 12.5 kn.
Bow thruster: 470 kW
Gen set: 2x, total electric power 480 kW. Shaftgen 700 kW
Lifting equipment: 2x cranes 40 t each combinable to 40 t
Capacity: DWT: 4600 t, vol.: 6700 cbm, 2Ho/2Ha, 380 (20
Trading Mediterranean Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0380
Price: 1.8 mln EUR (min)

20 January 2017

From direct owners Oil/chemical tanker 5500 dwt for sale 

Built: 2001, Turkey
Dimensions: LOA: 110 m, Beam: 16 m, Draft: 5.8 m
Tonnage: GT: 3480 t, DWT: 5500 t, NT: 1600 t,
Hull type: Double hull
Class: RMRS (IACS), ice class 1C, next SS Jan 2021
Main engine: 1x MAN B&W (Alpha Diesel Denmark built) 3700 hp. Speed 14 kn.
Gen set: 3x 400 kW, 1x 160 kW, 1x 100 kW
Capacity: DWT: 5500 t, vol. 6590 cbm, 12x segregated tanks, pumps 2x 900 cbm/h
Oil tanker >60"C, st/st. Currently trading Black Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0379
Price: 5.5 mln USD (owners are open for counter offers)

16 January 2017

Sea-river gencargo Sormovskiy 3350 t dwt f/s

Built: End of 80-s, Russia
Dimensions: LOA: 114 m, Beam: 13 m, Length: 110 m, Depth: 5.5 m, Draft: 3.8 m
Tonnage: GT: 2460 t, DWT: 3350 t, NT: 1000 t,
Class: RS (IACS member) valid till 2020
Trade area: A1+A2+A3
Main engine: 2x SKL 650 hp each. Total: 1300 hp. Speed 10.5 kn.
Props: 2x FPP
Gen set: 3x 50 kW
Capacity: DWT: 3350 t, 4Ho/Ha, total vol.: 4300 cbm
Trading Western European ports fttm calling to Russia.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0339
Price idea: 1.55 USD

10 January 2017

2x sisterships MPP 4500 t dwt on 4.5 m draft for sale 

Built: 1993/1995, Russia
Dimensions: LOA: 117.4 m, Beam: 16.5 m, Depth: 6.5 m, Draft: 4.5 m
Tonnage: GT: 4100 t, DWT: 4500 t, NT: 1240 t,
Class: RMRS (IACS) 1C ice class, expired Oct 2015
Main engine: 1x SKL 2600 hp.
Bow thruster: 175 hp, 2x props
Capacity: DWT: 4500 t, vol.: 5100 cbm (grain), 3Ho/3Ha
Vessels are laid up on a Black Sea where inspectable

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0375
Price: 1.15 mln USD each try less

09 January 2017

Multipurpose Research Vessel for sale

Built: 1980, Norway
Dimensions: LOA: 47.2 m, Beam: 10 m, Length: 41.3 m, Depth: 6.5 m, Draft: 4.4 m
Tonnage: GT: 701 t,
Class: DNV GL (IACS) next SS June 2017
Main engine: 1x Bergen Diesel (in pr. time Rolls-Royce) 1500 hp.
Bow thruster: 2x 200 hp
Gen set: 1x Volvo Penta 480 kW, 1x Volvo Penta 145 kW
Lifting equipment: 1x hydraulic lift 3 t, 7 sqm, provision crane 2 t
Capacity: Free deck: 140 sqm, refr. cont., towing winches
Other: 25 beds, 18 cabins
Inspection North Sea

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0374
Price: SOLD

Dry cargo vessel 3200 DWT/120TEU for sale

Built: 1996, Russia
Dimensions: LOA: 90 m, Beam: 13.5 m, Depth: 5.6 m, Draft: 4.5 m
Tonnage: GT: 2320 t, DWT: 3200 t, NT: 1030 t,
Class: Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL), ice class 1B
Main engine: 1x 2400 hp, speed 9.5 kn. MGO & IFO30
Bow thruster: 175 hp
Gen set: 2x 175 kW, 1x 102 kW, 1x85 kW
Capacity: DWT: 3200, 2Ho/2Ha, total vol.: 3400 cbm (120000 cbft), boxed holds, McGregor type hatces
Laying up on Baltic Sea.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0299
Price: 500.000 USD try less
Contacts: sales@cemastco.com

03 January 2017

Very speedy steel pilot crew tender for sale 

Built: 1997, Netherlands
Dimensions: LOA: 17 m, Beam: 4.3 m, Depth: 1.8 m, Draft: 1.32 m
Hull material: Steel
Main engine: 2x brand new Volvo Penta, 600 hp each. Total: 1200 hp. Speed upt 25 knots.
Gen set: 1x 30 kW
Nav. aids: Radar Furuno, VHF, deepsounder.
General: 2 cabins for 4 pers + 8 seats. Galley, mess room, shower, toilet. Autonomous heating Webasto.
New engines, and all equipment. Good condition. Could be delivered any place. Located in Netherlands.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0373
Price: 125.000 EUR as is where is

2x MPP sisterships with cranes 3600 dwt for sale 

Built: 1993 and 1995, Europe
Dimensions: LOA: 88 m, Beam: 13 m, Draft: 5.6 m
Tonnage: GT: 2500 t, DWT: 3600 t, NT: 1350 t,
Class: DNV GL (IACS) 2-nd ice class, next SS Feb 2018 and Jan 2021
Main engine: 1x MAN B&W 1700 hp, speed 11 kn on 6.5 t gasoil daily
Bow thruster: Fitted
Gen set: Shaft generator
Capacity: DWT: 3600 t, 1Ho/1Ha, vol. grain: 4650 cbm, 165 TEU (incl. 20 ref. plugs)
German owners. Two bulkheads, equipped for heavy cargo, IMO 5.1 fitted.
Inspection: 1-st sister Carribean Sea, 2-nd sister: Singapore

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0372
Price: 1.55 mln USD per vessel

Geared tweendeck MPP 5200 dwt for sale 

Built: 2000, Turkey
Dimensions: LOA: 100 m, Beam: 16 m, Depth: 8 m, Draft: 6.3 m
Tonnage: GT: 3800 t, DWT: 5200 t, NT: 2000 t,
Class: DNV GL (IACS) 2-nd ice class, next SS Jan 2020
Main engine: 1x MAK (Germany) 5200 hp. Speed upt 15 kn.
Bow thruster: Fitted
Gen set: Shaft generator
Lifting equipment: 2x cranes NMF 65 t
Capacity: DWT: 5200 t, 1Ho/1Ha, vol. grain: 6700 cbm, 380 TEU (incl. 45 ref. plugs), tweendeck.
German owners. Equipped for heavy cargo, IMO 5.1 fitted.

ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0371
Price: 2.4 mln USD